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Author Topic: Price Guide  (Read 77 times)


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Price Guide
« on: December 24, 2013, 04:56:50 am »
*Prices may change at anytime!*

Black Partyhat-10B
Rainbow Partyhat-10B
Blue Partyhat-3B
Red Partyhat-3B
Green Partyhat-3B
Purple Partyhat-3B
Yellow Partyhat-3B
White Partyhat-3B

Blue H'ween Mask-2.147M
Green H'ween Mask-2.147M
Red H'ween Mask-2.147M
White H'ween Mask-10B
Black H'ween Mask-10B

Santa hat-2B
Black Santa Hat-4B

Basket of Eggs-1.5B
Bunny Ears-1.5B
Easter Ring-1.5B

Jester hat-2B
Jester Scarf-2B
Zombie Head-3B
Skeleton Mask-500M
Skeleton Shirt-500M
Skeleton Leggings-500M
Skeleton Gloves-500M
Skeleton Boots-500M
Skeleton Set-3.5B
Santa Top-500M
Santa Legs-500M
Santa Gloves-500M
Santa Boots-500M
Santa Set-2B

Golden Scythe-5->10B

Divine Spirit Shield-5B
Spectral Spirit Shield-5B
Elysian Spirit Shield-5B
Arcane Spirit Shield-5B

Torva Helm-2B
Torva Platebody-2B
Torva Platelegs-2B
Torva Boots-1B
Torva Gloves-1B
Torva Armourr-8B

Pernix Cowl-2B
Pernix Body-2B
Pernix Legs-2B
Pernix Gloves-1B
Pernix Boots-1B
Pernix Armour-8B

Virtus Mask-2B
Virtus Robe Top-2B
Virtus Robe Bottoms-2B
Virtus Gloves-1B
Virtus Boots-1B
Virtus Armour-8B

Other Items
Dish of returning-2B
Half full wine jug-2B
Easter Egg-250M
Christmas Cracker-2.5B
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